Hyper HubTM is a simple, online module based system that manages your multiple
databases, digital marketing, email activity and events.

Cloud-based access to all your digital and database marketing activity with live tracking via any device. Your databases are automatically updated from emails,
digital marketing, landing pages, events ...every time you communicate with them.

Live and Interactive

Manage multiple databases, with each contact flagged according to its profile. HYPER HUB uses a live dashboard to show your database analytics at a glance. See which contacts are active, who is across multiple databases, the best time to send emails and even the potential revenue a database will generate.

The core function of a customer database is to be a primary supplier of ongoing, expected revenue to its business as it contains a targeted group of customers who have already purchased.

If this revenue does not exist, the database is not functioning and the outcome is that greater expenditure is required at the acquisition level to continue filling up the pool of prospects. This becomes very expensive and in most cases unsustainable.

Economic Value Opportunity

$/ Δf(p)

Hyper Hyper Marketing has developed analytics that measures the Economic Value Opportunity of your database at any given time.

Know how much revenue your database will generate for your business over time, and the Lifetime Market Value of each of your customers when using the HYPER HUB.

Add and Search Data

Add new contacts individually or from large databases into one or multiple databases in the HYPER HUB. Detailed contact information and communication history is easily accessible. Individual contact history, notes, marketing activity, position on the Purchase Cycle and any other information you need is easy to find on the HYPER HUB.

Easy to use Search functions across multiple data fields with a simple data Download feature is simple to use on the HYPER HUB.

Individual Record History

HYPER HUB automatically updates each contact on your database from every marketing campaign and activity you conduct.

Individual ‘notes’ and ‘next contact’ fields for each person keeps track of your data and relationship.

Set & Send

HYPER HUB will design and set up your standard email templates.

Simply select the template you want to use, insert your copy and images, select your database and send!

The results, communication history and any updates are automatically updated for each contact record in your database.

Live RSVP Tracking

Your guests RSVP directly in the Events Module of the HYPER HUB from their invitation. You can watch the number of people automatically increasing for each session and if they change their mind, they are automatically taken off the RSVP list too!

Automatic ‘Thank you’ emails are sent to people who attend, and ‘Sorry You Couldn’t Make It’ emails are sent to people who didn’t show.

Welcome your guests using the Events Module via multiple devices and even see their ‘Customer History’ while you talk with them.

Campaign Tracker

Detailed Reporting

Track all your marketing communication activity on the Campaign Manager module, live, detailed reporting on your activity results, with breakdowns and insights that help you get the most Return from your Investment.

Purchase Cycle

The HYPER HUB plots your prospects and customers along the Purchase Cycle so you know what to say to motivate them along their journey towards Purchase.

Hyper Hyper Marketing designs our Strategic Marketing Plans with this at the core of our strategy. By the time a Prospect becomes a Customer, they are Advocates and their Lifetime Market Value to your business is tenfold.

Features & Benefits
Part of your team

  • Single annual fee per company
  • 1-2 weeks for personalised set up
  • As many users as you need
  • Customised levels of security access
  • 3 email template designs
  • Help Desk support
  • Flexible to change with your needs

“The HYPER HUB saved us so much time and money. It was incredible to actually ‘see’ the results of our marketing with graphs. The detailed responses helped us plan our future marketing campaigns!”

Monique Ponfoort, Vice President PONANT Yacht Cruise

Sample of Clients

Baltimore Ravens used the Hyper Hub to communicate with their staff to invite them to watch their team play and then WIN at the Super Bowl !

The RBG used the HYPER HUB to build their database by 600%. Over several years they created bespoke campaigns to engage with prospects and increase their member base

Stockland used the HYPER HUB to profile their existing database to determine where people where on their purchase cycle. The campaign also delivered immediate sales of new land packages

Marriott Australia used the HYPER HUB to generate new business for the MICE market across their 5 properties

PONANT used the HYPER HUB to build a prospect database and to communicate with them as part of their ongoing marketing strategy. They also use it to invite and manage responses to their events.

StroMed Stem Cell Therapy used the HYPER HUB to communicate to more than 80,000 people about Stem Cell Therapy. All leads were automatically sent to specialist practitioners for immediate follow up. Multiple mediums were used and tracked via campaigntracker.

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